Blonde moment, shots, and advertising.

 I took my 8-year old nephews Tim and Ben to the doctor this week for a check-up.  They were so excited/ nervous they could barely stand it.  I had to promise there would be no shots.  They asked what would happen if the doctor said they needed shots and I assured them we would just say no thank you and leave.

During the visit,  the doctor checked Ben's right ear, Ben took his hand and covered up his left ear.  Then when the doctor looked into Ben's left ear, Ben covered up his right ear.  Not sure what Ben was doing, I asked him why he covered up his ears.  Ben replied that he didn't want the doctor to see through to the other side...

Before we left the doctor's office the doctor asked if I wanted the boys to get flu shots.  Looks of terror crossed both of the boys' faces.  I shook my head, grabbed both of their hands and said "No thank you!" as we left the room.  The boys were so impressed---they thought they were totally getting away with something.  I didn't bother telling them that it was an "optional" shot.  (Good luck to Julie when she has to take them in for the real one!)

On the way home from the doctor's office Tim seemed very concerned that everyone was decorating for Christmas already.  "Aunt Mindy---it isn't even Thanksgiving yet!"  I agreed that it did seem early for Christmas decorations.

"But what about Thanksgiving?"  Tim anguished.  Then he started listing off reasons:

"Do you think they just don't like Thanksgiving?"
"Do you think it's because they are allergic to Turkeys?"
"Is it because they are on a diet?"

This went on and on...Then Ben chimed in:
"I think they might have just forgotten all about Thanksgiving!"

Tim replied," Maybe!"  Then after a minute:  "I know! Thanksgiving just needs to have better advertising...."


Julie Ramsay said...

Better Advertising! I love it!

Pejal Kacak said...

Happy Thanks giving to you and your family

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